The immigration of Romanian Roma to Western Europe: Causes, effects and future engagement strategies. 2013-2017.

Daniele Viktor Leggio


He studied Anthropology and Linguistics and has specialised in Romani diasporas, virtual communities, language planning and multilingualism.

He is responsible for coordinating the research activities of the Roma fieldwork assistants and drafting research reports and policy briefs.


Recent publications:

MATRAS, Y., LEGGIO, D. V. & STEEL, M. 2015. ”Roma education’ as a lucrative niche: ideologies and representations.’ Zeitschrift für internationale Bildungsforschung und Entwicklungspädagogik 38: 11-17.

MATRAS, Y., BELUSCHI FABENI, G., LEGGIO, D. V. & VRÁNOVÁ, E. 2009. The Roma community in Gorton South, Manchester. Manchester: Romani Project, The University of Manchester.