The immigration of Romanian Roma to Western Europe: Causes, effects and future engagement strategies. 2013-2017.

Stefánia Toma


Researcher, Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities trained in sociology and anthropology at the Babeş-Bolyai University of Cluj and at the Corvinus University, Budapest. She is the coordinator of the quantitative research component within the Romanian team, and she participates in the ethnographic research and analysis, report writing and dissemination of the results.


Recent publications:

TOMA, S. 2012. ‘Segregation and Ethnic Conflicts in Romania: Getting Beyond the Model of ‘The Last Drop’ In: Stewart, Michael (ed.) The Gypsy Menace: Populism and the new Anti-Gypsy politics. London Hurst & Company: 191-213.

TOMA, S. 2008. ‘Roma/Gypsies and Education in a Multiethnic Community in Romania.’ Editura ISPMN, Working Papers in Romanian Minority Studies, no 6., 2008.